Benefits from Tofu Cat Litter

You can get a lot of benefits from Tofu Cat Litter. Our cat litter is made from natural materials, compressed and dried at high temperatures to form perfect cat litter. Our cat litter has a variety of unique features, such as being environmentally friendly and non-toxic to both animals and humans. It does not cause extra dust and does not cause respiratory problems for cats. In addition, this cat litter also has deodorizing effects and has good water absorption. Finally, you can flush it into the toilet for easy disposal.

Benefits from Tofu Cat Litter

The advantages of our Chinese Tofu Cat Litter are that it is sold in 2.5 kg small packages. The liquid absorption rate is 400%, made of high-quality wheat fiber, and 2.5 kg can be used for 3 weeks. It is hard to imagine that the benefit of one product is that it is packaged in a small bag, which may cause harm if used improperly. In order to completely avoid this situation, we prefer small-sized packaging to ensure that the cat litter stays fresh when you open it. The life of cat litter should not exceed one month. After one month, due to the production of aflatoxin, it may be harmful to you and your pet.

We understand that cats’ noses are very sensitive, and their sense of smell is 40 times that of humans. With this acute sense of smell, when you spray room spray or your perfume, cats will walk out the door, which may be too strong for their noses, which makes sense. For some cat litter with strong fragrance, cats often find it unpleasant and do their business on carpets, sofas or corners, which you may not find. Our fragrance-free cat litter is easier for our feline friends to accept, as there is no other smell that may make them feel disgusted.

We chose a more sustainable and better raw material than soybeans. Our extensive research shows that the pH of plant fibers is more stable. Even if it may be more expensive than soybean products, the quality, stability and safety of plant fibers outweigh the price issue. In addition, our aflatoxin report found that our cat litter is completely safe and harmless when opened.

We are the first company in the world to create an enzyme-activated odor control system, which is actually the best solution for cat parents. As cat litter odor is the number one issue we face, our products have undergone rigorous testing to perfect

When you purchase our cat litter, you are not only buying sand for your cats to do their business, but you are also buying comfort and hygiene. The ingredients of our Australian Tofu Cat Litter are completely natural, and we proudly list all the ingredients on the packaging so you can see that no harmful products have been added.

  • First-generation fiber modification technology
  • Patented straw fiber locks odors in and out
  • Low fat and low protein straw fibers make bacteria starve and unable to reproduce
  • A persistent fresh formula developed specifically for automatic cat litter boxes, no shoveling for seven days, no hair growth
  • Second-generation quick deodorization technology
  • URD rapid deodorization technology reduces ammonia to 10PPM within 5 minutes

What do you get from Chinese Tofu Cat Litter?

Using Chinese Tofu Cat Litter, you will get a water-flushable cat litter with powerful absorption and strong deodorizing effect. We ensure that stable, high-quality materials are used to ensure that our products are safe and natural. We use pure natural food grade raw materials that will not harm your pet. Before our products reach the shelves of your favorite stores, they go through a variety of tests, from raw material inspection to product testing, to customs inspection and pre-sale testing in Australia. We use third-party testers and our own testers to ensure the absolute safety of your pet. If you have any further questions, please contact us today.



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