How Big Do Mini Bernedoodles Get? Growth of Mini Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle bred is already considered a cut and goofy breed that is intelligent, loyal, and adorable. When they are cross paired, the puppy has fewer genetic disorders and diseases than their individual parents, making them high in demand breed. They are bred differently and hence come in three different sizes, i.e., standard, mini, and tiny.

How Big Do Mini Bernedoodles Get? Growth of Mini Bernedoodle

What Is a Mini Bernedoodle?

The mini or miniature Bernedoodle is a cross between a miniature Poodle and a Bernese mountain dog. As it is a crossbreed, it can be difficult to determine the exact height and weight they will grow into. There are many questions that arise when you are considering adopting a mini Bernedoodle, like how much they will grow? Does gender affect growth? When do they stop growing? Can we predict their weight and height? But on average, they will weigh in 25lbs-49lbs and 18 inches to 22 inches in height. In this article, we will look at the average specifications they can grow into and the effects their size can have on the adoption and your life.

Growth of Mini Bernedoodle

Since Bernedoodle is a fairly new breed that started in 2003, there is little data and average specifications about the growth of mini Bernedoodle. But with the limited figures, we have an idea that:

  • When your mini Bernedoodle is at eight weeks, it will weigh around 7.5lbs.
  • This figure will double when the puppy is of 16 weeks, and the weight will be around 18lbs.
  • When the puppy is of 24 weeks, you can expect the weight to be around 27lbs to 28 lbs. The weight begins to slow down at this age until they reach adulthood.
  • The gender of the mini Bernedoodle can vary the growth. Breeders have found that female mini Bernedoodles are approximately 10% smaller than the male ones. It cannot be the case every time cause growth fully depends on the characteristics of parents, so keep that in mind.
  • By 32 weeks, the mini Bernedoodle would be near to achieving its maturity or might have become fully grown. The slow-growing nature of its parent, the Bernese Mountain dog, will affect them, and they will not be fully grown till 11 to 13 months.

How Big Do Mini Bernedoodles Get?

There is no exact rule or data about when the mini Bernedoodle will stop growing. Because the growth rate of both the parents will have some changes in the offspring, Bernese mountain dogs are big and are considered fully grown at two years. Their offspring, Bernedoodles, will also have a slower growth rate. Meanwhile, Poodles are considered grown at the earliest by 18 months of age. As there are different breeding parents involved for different generations, the growth rate will vary too.

The Developmental Stages

Mini Bernedoodles also go through normal developmental stages like other puppies, which are during 6 to 9 months. Your puppy may experience different behavior changes such as hyperactivity, fear, disobedience, and stubbornness. This behavior can diminish with age. Sexual maturity usually occurs at 8 to 12 months. They could be completely mentally and physically mature at the age of 11 to 13 months.

Can Growth of Mini Bernedoodle Be Affected by the Nutrition?

Yes, feeding a healthy diet can affect weight, and it will surely influence the growth but not in size. Providing a proper healthy diet with more nutrients and vitamins, your mini Bernedoodle can grow within the usual limits. The growth limits are usually related to genetics.

Factors That Impact the Growth of Mini Bernedoodles

There are lots of factors that impact the growth of mini Bernedoodles, which include genetics and diet. The weight and height of the parents affect the size of the offspring a lot. These factors, along with generation type, make it hard to predict an average growth rate. The genders of Bernedoodle also vary with the growth rate. Male Bernedoodles tend to be a little larger than the female ones. It is said that the smaller the Bernedoodle is, the faster it will grow. So mini Bernedoodles grow faster than the medium or standard Bernedoodles.

How Big Do Mini Bernedoodles Get? Growth of Mini Bernedoodle

How Does Size Affect Their Living?

Size is an important factor when it comes to adopting a puppy. Puppies of different sizes might be suitable for different families. Bernedoodles are found in three sixes, i.e., medium, standard, mini, and tiny or teacup. If you are living in a small space, you might prefer a mini or tiny Bernedoodle as they won’t occupy much space. A standard Bernedoodle might prefer a relatively big space to run around and settle. So it really depends on your accommodation and living style, either you want a mini or standard Bernedoodle.

Can We Predict Their Weight and Height?

Since Bernedoodles as a whole breed are fairly new in the market, there is only limited data for their average growth and lifespan. As for mini Bernedoodles, they require the breeding of miniature poodle and Bernese mountain dog, which is not bred as much as standard Bernedoodles. Their growth depends upon various factors like genes, gender, and nutrition, so we cannot really predict their weight and height. From the average data available, we found that mini Bernedoodles can grow up to 18-22 inches and weigh around 20-50 pounds.


Mini Bernedoodles are an adorable breed to adopt and grow as they can be a loyal and goofy companion. You will definitely think about the size and weight they will grow into before or after adopting. So for your ease, we have collected and gathered all the necessary information regarding their growth rate and the factors affecting it. If you consider buying a Bernedoodle, make sure your living style and accommodation fit the puppy. A mini Bernedoodle might not be a good fit if you live in a spacious place because they can easily sneak into little space. We hope this information can help you in selecting your mini Bernedoodle and answer all your queries!



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