Male Vs. Female Pug: Which Is Right For You?

There are lots of reasons to get a pug, but some people might be thinking about gender. Should I get myself either an Alpha Male or Female? The debate on whether you need one is not so clear-cut either way! We’ve got all your answers below in this go -to guide for deciding what type suits YOUR needs best:

Male Vs Female Pug Which Is Right For You

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Male Vs. Female Pugs: Is There A Difference?

The answer to this question is yes, but let’s go into more detail. Before getting a Pug of your own we recommend thinking carefully about what characteristics you wish for in the dog-this will help narrow down whether it’s better with males or females! But first here are some important differences between them that might interest someone who doesn’t know much about pugs yet:

  • Female Pugs are (generally) smarter and easier to train
  • Male Pugs can suffer from a short attention span
  • Female Pugs are more dominant and motherly
  • Male Pugs are more laid back and sociable
  • Spaying (female) is more expensive than neutering
  • Female Pugs often live longer than male Pugs

Male & Female Pugs: Physical Appearance Difference

Whether you’re trying to determine the Shepherd or Pug, physical appearance can be tricky. They share some obvious differences like hairlessness and compact bodies but there are other subtle traits that set them apart too!

Male Pugs are slightly taller and heavier than their female counterparts. This may be one of the only breed differences between males & females, but it’s something you should know when choosing an animal for your home!


Male Pug Female Pug
Height: 10-14 inches Height: 10- 12 inches
Weight: 20-30 lbs Weight: 13-18 lbs
Appearance: stocky build with more muscle mass Appearance: usually slimmer with less muscle mass


Male Vs Female Pug Which Is Right For You

Male Vs. Female Pug Temperaments

Though the differences between male and female pugs can be quite significant, it’s also a game of chance. Every pup has their own set traits that make them individualized from one another-just like people! The environment in which they live as well as any training techniques used will affect how your dog acts when you get him/her home with enough variation so there isn’t always an answer found among only males or females.”

Like most dogs, male Pugs have been known to be quite mischievous. However in the case of these adorable canines it’s not just about playing football all day long; they also love cuddling up on your couch!

The Pugs personality is as friendly and playful towards others, whether they’re male or female. And these cuddly dogs can be either shy like their female counterparts (although not always) but more often than not males tend toward being quite bold with strangers since it’s part of what makes them such great company!

The female Pug’s mothering nature means that they are expert sofa snugglers but might hold back their affections from time to time.

Males can be quicker than females in terms of bark and nip, though both genders tend towards emotional volatility during younger years – especially with stubborn streaks! At heart though? Every single one will want nothing more than being your best friend plus pleasing you endlessly… unless you give them a comeback about how cute/ handsome etc., which gives rise for argument.


Male Pug Female Pug
Mischievous Shy
Playful and energetic Less attention seeking/ clingy
Attention seeking/ clingy More protective


Intelligence & TrainabilityX

Female Pugs are smarter than their male counterparts. Because of this, they’re generally considered easier to train but don’t let that fool you – it is possible (and sometimes even easy) for males too!

While the male Pug has a shorter attention span, it’s easy to distract him with toys and games. But since he wants play all day long you’ll need some distractions on hand!

Males can be forgiven for losing focus when they are still young. You might want to train your male Pug on the leash so that he doesn’t leaps at squirrels from time-to-time, but don’t forget how motivated these dogs get by pleasing their human companions – use positive reinforcement and praise good behaviors!


Male Pug Female Pug
Distractible More intelligent
Loss of focus Focussed
On-leash training Off-leash training
Positive reinforcement May be nervous


Male Or Female Pug: Which Is Right For You?

If you’re looking for a dog that will love and be affectionate with everyone in your family, regardless of gender or age- then Pugs are the perfect pet.

But if we want our pup to have some personality traits unique only found among males (such as being smart), there’s no better choice than purchasing one who has been bred specifically by genetics.



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