What to Consider When You’re in the Market to Buy Dog Grooming Tables for Your Salon

When you are selecting a dog grooming table for your dog grooming business, you need to make sure it’s easy to operate and works out well for grooming various breeds. 

Therefore, when you’re looking to buy dog grooming tables, you need to make sure you choose tables that accommodate a variety of dog breeds. The table should be ergonomically comfortable, be sturdy, and be easy to elevate. Not only do you want the table to support your client, you also want to make grooming easy on your back.

What to Consider When You’re in the Market to Buy Dog Grooming Tables for Your Salon

Styles of Dog Grooming Tables Featured Online

Dog grooming tables are available in electric designs, or they may be elevated using hydraulic fluids or airlifting mechanisms built in their design.

Electric Dog Grooming Tables

These tables use a motor that elevates and lowers a table. They are simple to use as well as affordable. However, they also are heavy, so they’re best placed in a central location – somewhere you plan to use the table all of the time.

Airlifting Models

Airlifting models of dog grooming tables are lifted up and down using compressed air. While they are more costly than electric tables, they also are lighter in weight.

Hydraulic Dog Grooming Tables

Dog grooming tables operated with hydraulic fluids allows the dog groomer to lower and lift the table easily. They are quieter than other types of models. You can find tables in various shapes and sizes to support your grooming needs and space’s layout.

Portable Tables Used for Grooming

You can transport these tables easily. They are light in weight, durable, compact, and super easy to store and clean. These tables are an ideal choice for mobile pet groomer businesses.

Making a Table Selection

When you’re making a table selection, you need to carefully scrutinize the features. Ask yourself several questions:

  • Is the table sturdy enough to hold both large and small dogs? If you groom dogs that weigh 50 pounds, your table should weigh twice that weight.
  • How is the table constructed? The dog grooming table you choose should be made with materials that withstand regular cleaning and use. Choose a material that does not scratch or chip like stainless steel.
  • Is the table easy to clean and maintain? Again, your dog grooming table should have an easy-to-clean-and-maintain surface. It should resist stains well after repeated uses.
  • Is the table safe to use? The dog grooming table you select should have safety features like non slip feet. This will prevent any bad accidents, especially when you’re using tools around the dog’s eyes or have to use blades or scissors.

Now that you know what to look for in a dog grooming table, you’re ready to shop and make a selection. Your table will serve as your pet grooming hub – the starting place for grooming and bathing your canine clients. Therefore, you want to make sure you choose the proper design.



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