How Do I Keep My Pug and Bulldog Cool in Hot Weather

Heat illnesses are something that the entire family should be aware of this summer. With a heatwave forecast for many areas over the weekend, it’s important to stay cool and avoid being outside as much as possible. Dogs in particular need plenty of water at all times – don’t forget their drinks!

Why hot weather is especially dangerous for Pugs and Bulldogs

The most important thing you can do to protect your dog from heat stress and the risk of a crush injury or worse, is make sure they stay hydrated. For small dogs that don’t need much water in order cool themselves down when it’s warm outside (like Pugs), give them an old baseball cap with some holes cut out on top so their sweat will evaporate more easily while fording streams across hot days during summer months!

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When you think about it, these breeds of dogs are built for the worst. The extreme weather and their ability to get into heat distress very quickly makes them perfect candidates as disaster relief workers!

When temperatures are soar, it’s important to keep your dog cool. The best way is by keeping them indoors with air conditioning or fanning off some of their favorite water into ice cubes for a cold drink!

Pay attention to your dog this weekend and be on the look-out for any signs of heatstroke. They might begin by heavy panting, difficulty breathing or fatigue among other symptoms like drooling & vomiting which could lead up towards diarrhea too! If you notice anything unusual with them then call their vet immediately as they need treatment ASAP.

To put an end to the suffering of these poor dogs, who are often born with traits that make them look more canine than human (like short muzzles), authorities have launched a campaign called “Love Is Blind.”

It’s time for people across Australia and New Zealand — where this issue predominantly occurs–to take action!



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