Why you should own a Doubledoodle?

Who, on the Earth would say, they don’t want to own a designer dog? When you decide to get an innocent doodle, Doubledoodle is a number 1 choice.

The Doubledoodle is a wonderful dog with a surprisingly great personality and intelligent mind. These are medium-sized dog having a friendly attitude towards both family and strangers.

Doubledoodle is also named Double doodlepoo. It’s a hybrid mix of two already mixed hybrids. The health concerns in the case of Double doodle is less than those, who are purebreds.

Doubledoodles have proved themselves as a smart family dog, having all the qualities you wish to have in your canine-mate. For more blogs on doodles Visit : WE LOVE DOODLES

How does Doubledoodle look?

Ever wondered, what makes Doubledoodle so fluffy, soft and carefree dog. Yes, they are the hybrid of three breeds: Poodles, Labrador and Golden Retriever.

Doubledoodle is created with the breeding of Goldendoodle( Golder Reteriver+ Poodle) then Labradoodles( Labrador Retriever +Poodle).

The physical characteristics depend on the percentage and what they have in their genetics trends.

Doubledoodle is a furry-buddy with dark eyes and loving expressions. The medium-sized Doubledoodle is almost 20-29 “ and weighs 50-80 pounds.

The coat is medium to very dense. The black nose and brown eyes are a treat to watch.

What kind of Temperament a Doubledoodle have?

The ancestors of Doubledoodle are famous for their gentle nature and friendly attitude towards both adults and kids. The same trait is transferred to the Doubledoodle.

The calm and cool nature makes them a family favourite. These dogs show a lot of stimulation when allowed to socialize properly. It is necessary to have an ESA letter for travel when you have dogs with you.

Spending time with the family and going to dog parks keeps them happy and energetic.

They are not ideal for apartments, as they have high energy levels. Due to hyperactive features, they are best for open spaces.

Doubledoodle’s Exercise and Activity Levels;

Doubledoodles are well-known for their high energy levels. They are agile, hyperactive and smart dogs.

They are ideal to run in large yards or to be taken on regular outdoor exercises. Doubledoodle will love you when you will take them to socialize in the dog parks.

Doubledoodles are filled with energy, so if you are a couch potato, stay away from them. They may disobey or have behavioural issues when they don’t have a chance to release pent-up energy.

Regular exercises will keep both the dog and owner happy and healthy.

Doubledoodle Nutrition Guide;

Doubledoodles are medium-sized dogs packed with high energy levels, which means a fair amount of food.

Healthy food can lead to an expected life span of 12 to 15 years.

The Hybrid nature leads to not any genetic issues that their parents used to exhibit. They can show few traits of genetic deficiencies their ancestors have gone through like digestive and joint issues.

Doubledoodles need glucosamine to avoid any digestive issues. At the same time, they should not be allowed to take high-fat foods as this can lead to pancreatitis and hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.

Doubledoodle’s Training;

The Doubledoodles are famous for their loving nature and easy –to-train properties. The habit of obedience makes them perfect for training.

They are quick learners, they become very pleased when rewarded properly. Rewards keep these fun-loving creatures active and responding properly toward commands.

Doubledoodles are lovely family dogs. Early socialization and training is a must in the case of Doubledoodle.

They would appreciate following your lead when you establish your presence early.

As rightly said Consistency and Patience are the key ingredients to form a strong bond to make them your dutiful companion.

Doubledoodle’s Grooming;

The very dense and furry coat tends to shed little in the case of Doubledoodles. The less shedding makes them a wonderful option as a pet.

To prevent knots and tangles in the coat, you need to brush them regularly. Brushing your doodle twice a week keeps the coat clean and tangle-free.

Their coats continue to grow continuously, so, you need to groom them occasionally. The over-grown fur can irritate nostrils and blockage in vision.

Mild shampoos are recommended to use weekly. The harsh chemicals can lead to dry and patchy coat.

The long ears are not able to drain by themselves, therefore you need to dry them after bathing or swimming.

The nails and teeth should be cleaned properly to prevent buildups and infections.

Final Thoughts;

Doubledoodles are dutiful, beautiful and trustworthy dogs. Once you decide to have a Doubledoodle, you will be proud of your pet choice. They are true family dogs to entertain you and your loved ones.

The trusted doggy ancestors are enough to build your trust in Doubledoodle. Those suffering from the dog- allergies will not regret keeping a Doubledoodle.

The gentle attitude and kind nature will melt our heart for sure.



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