5 Pros and Cons Of Owning a Dog As a Student

A dog is one of the most common pets in college. Some people consider dog pets a necessity and will do anything possible to own one. Others do not want pets around them or are hesitant to embrace the idea.

Most colleges allow students to own pets. They have set conditions around vaccination, feeding, and interacting with people to guide pet ownership. Before you own a dog in college or dismiss the idea of owning a pet, here are the pros and cons you should consider.

5 Pros and Cons Of Owning a Dog As a Student


1. Provides companionship

The main aim of owning a pet is companionship. It will stay with you when everyone has left. Dogs are known to offer an excellent company. They play with you, allow grooming, and will be silent when you just need someone around. Learn how to cheat on online proctored exams and boost your grades to avoid having to spend all your time lonely in the study room or library.

Dogs are easy to care for while in college. They require little attention yet will stay with you wherever you go. As long as the dog is fed, it will offer the best company.

Most people prefer dogs over cats, birds, or reptiles. It means friends can come to your room without worrying about the dog. You make more friends because you have a pet dog.

In case you need to go outdoors, the dog can walk alone. You do not need to hold it to cross the road or water puddles. Dogs are also easy to train, helping you to maintain good behavior on campus. The dog remains the best option when looking for a companion pet.

2. Gets you on your feet

A dog is an active pet. It will invite you to go for walks, hikes, runs, and excursions without having to worry about its care or health. You have to walk the dog regularly to keep it fit. In the process of walking the dog, you exercise, leaving you healthier.

Dogs are extremely playful. They enjoy open fields where you can play games as though the dog is an opponent. As the dog plays, you will also play. It becomes an exercise companion, helping you to avoid lazing in the room.

Caring for the dog also requires active participation. You have to collect its stool, groom the dog, and walk it often. Such care activities will keep you active and healthy.

Dog enthusiasts also hold social events for owners and their dogs. You can take the dog swimming, hiking, or in competitions designed for dogs. All these opportunities will get you off your feet. By remaining active, you will be more productive in class. It also relieves stress enabling you to grasp the concepts you study in class easily.

3. Makes you more responsible

A dog is alive. It requires food, exercise, grooming, and attention. Wherever you will be, you have to make sure that these needs are provided. The dog also gets unwell when exposed to unfavorable conditions. You have to watch its health and needs regardless of your busy college schedule.

The dog will keep you more responsible. You cannot abandon the pet for days or hours without attention. The same sense of responsibility will be required in your academic work.

A dog will calm you down when anxious about exams or homework. You can study late into the night or alone with the company of the dog. You put in more study hours because you have company as opposed to moments when you could be anxious about studying alone.


1. It requires time and commitment

Time in college is limited. You are expected to grasp all the content taught, complete your assignments, and prepare for exams. Adding other responsibilities like owning a dog will take your valuable time.

Dogs require a lot of commitment. You cannot go for the weekend out without considering the welfare of your dog. You must return to the room to feed the dog several times during the day.

Owning a dog in college also restricts your movement. There are designated places for pets. Your roommate may also not appreciate a third partner in the form of a canine. If you are not comfortable with commitments, you should reconsider the decision to own a dog.

2. It is expensive to maintain

Resources in college are limited. You are probably depending on your parents for allowances or the student loan. Other students depend on scholarships because of limited finances. Adding the burden of feeding the dog will eat into your resources. The dog also requires medication, grooming, and exercises. You have to foot the bill.

Dogs make excellent college pets. However, you have to consider the pros and cons of bringing one on campus. Consider campus rules and the restrictions that will come with tagging your dog along wherever you go.



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